New Article on Chinese SF

 A new and very in-depth article on Chinese SF - Hesitant Journey to the West: SF’s Changing Fortunes in Mainland China, by Mikael Huss - is now available online at the Sina Blog. Well worth checking out and, of course, we'll be posting more on Chinese SF.Two Chinese writers contribute to the Apex Book of World... Continue Reading →

South African Speculative Fiction, Part Two: Something Wicked

 Something Wicked is the first South African magazine devoted to "horror and science fiction", and has recently reached its ninth issue. It is available in both print and PDF formats, and showcases short fiction from South African writers (it also publishes some overseas writers). Several of the issues have been reviewed online over at The Fix,... Continue Reading →

The Apex Book of World SF now available for pre-orders!

The Apex Book of World SF is now available for pre-orders! All pre-orders come with free shipping in the United States.Please consider supporting this project by pre-ordering a copy, blogging about the anthology or this blog itself - or both! Here's the full table of contents again:S.P. Somtow(Thailand)--"The Bird Catcher"Jetse de Vries(Netherlands)--"Transcendence Express"Guy Hasson (Israel)--"The... Continue Reading →

Charles Tan on Promoting Philippine Speculative Fiction

Charles Tan has a new essay up on his blog: Why I Promote Philippine Speculative Fiction:"Let me clarify something though. It's not just Philippine speculative fiction that needs to be championed. There's a lot of other speculative fiction from other cultures out there, whether it's China, Korea, India, Russia, Poland, or some other country which we... Continue Reading →

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