New Jean-Claude Dunyach Story Online!

Yes, our friend Jean-Claude Dunyach has a new story, "Birds", translated from the French by Sheryl Curtis, up at Fantasy Magazine. Check it out!Here's Jean-Claude's official bio:Jean-Claude Dunyach, born in 1957, has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and supercomputing. He worksfor Airbus France in Toulouse. He has been writing science fiction since the beginning of the 1980s,... Continue Reading →

South East Asian Comics: Liquid City

"Liquid City is a Comics  Anthology featuring Robots, Monkey Kings and Giant Whales, bringing together artists and writers from South-east Asian countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines, as well as collaborators from beyond the region. From Leong Wan Kok’s distinct post apocalyptic landscapes and alien creatures to Lat’s charming look back at  Malaysian... Continue Reading →

Arabic SF Examined

A very thorough, interesting article examining the issues of science fiction literature in the Arab world, by Achmed A. W. Khammas. This is an English translation from the German.In the 1980s, I wrote some stories myself, which I had published by the Heyne house under the pseudonym Ghassan Homsi. But in my Arab surroundings, interest in... Continue Reading →

Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler

The Philippines has one of the largest communities of speculative fiction writers in English, and an excellent introduction to thefield is The Philippine Speculative Fiction Sampler, compiled by Charles Tan and Mia Tijam.As Tan writes in his introduction, "we selected various locally-published stories which might serve as a sampler of sorts. As much as possible, we... Continue Reading →

Indian superheroes!

An interesting book I came across but doesn't appear to be available to buy online.Superhero: The Fabulous Adventures of Rocket Kumar and Other Indian Superheroes, was published by Scholastic India in 2007. The full table of contents is:‘Rocket Kumar and the Desi Defenders’ by Samit Basu‘Split Infinitive and the Destroyer of Worlds’ by Anshumani Ruddra‘The... Continue Reading →

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