Mew Sergey Gerasimov story online

Ukrainian writer Sergey Gerasimov has a new story, "The Most Dangerous Profession", up at Fantasy Magazine. There is also an interview with him."Sergey Gerasimov lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine with his wife and daughter. He has a degree in theoretical physics from Kharkiv University and has sold twelve novels and nearly a hundred stories in Russia and Ukraine.You... Continue Reading →

Chinese science fiction 2008

A recent article on Chinese science fiction over at Concatenation, by Jenny Bai and Cecilia Qin of SF World, partly talking about the well-attended Chengdu conference that took place just before the Japanese Worldcon.Nowadays Chinese SF & fantasy is still in the process of development. SF/fantasy readers in China are mostly teenagers with a low purchasing... Continue Reading →

2022 Tsunami

Thailand has its own special effects-laden disaster movie in the works - 2022 Tsunami, the trailer for which is currently playing every cinema in Bangkok, and due to be released next month.In a new one for the World SF blog, we are happy to present - the trailer!

Kung Fu Hustle

Been asked recently about Asian films and, well, you can't go wrong with watching Stephen Chow's Kung Fu Hustle [IMDB] [Wikipedia].Kung Fu Hustle is a wonderful remaking of classic wuxia stories - but rather than take place in one of the dynasty periods, it takes place in 1930s Shanghai, its shanties and criminal underworld. All... Continue Reading →

Mexican Pulps: The Historieta

A long article on Mexican Historieta - pocket-books, pulp fiction, comics - by Sergio Ulloa.During the 1930s, the historieta earned its independence from the dailies, and slowly began appearing in magazines and independent comic books. That decade saw a diversification of genre, and the comic books began producing other themes such as heroes, horror stories, science... Continue Reading →

Translating science fiction

 An interesting article over at Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show - How Do you Say "Uplift" in French - A Look at Translation in Science Fiction by Carol Pinchefsky, which interviews Japanese, French, Polish and Hebrew translators on the subject.

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