Peruvian SF author Clemente Palma

Our friends over at Three Percent, an excellent blog dedicated to discussing translations, have a post about Peruvian SF writer Clemente Palma (with a couple of comments adding more information). We'll be running an article on SF in Peru soon, but in the meantime, check out the post and, of course, Three Percent.

A Week of Rest

There'll be no new updates for the next week or so due to Pi Mai Lao / Songkran (Lao/Thai New Year).Meanwhile, though, a couple of articles that, while not directly related to world SF, would hopefully be of interest:How to Write About Africa by Binyavanga Wainaina.Pidgin Poetics by "Graham Crumb", about the challenges of writing poetry... Continue Reading →

The French on Mars!

Jacques Garin on The French On Mars: A Hundred Years Retrospective (1865-1965)  - a comprehensive, illustrated bibliography of French Martian stories from the nineteenth century onwards.Here's one example - A team of French and Russian scientists explore the Solar System on the Ossipoff. The heroes arrive on Phobos, which is atmospherically connected to Mars, and travel in a balloon down... Continue Reading →

Weird Tales International Issue

Last year, the magazine Weird Tales, edited by Ann VanderMeer, did a special issue dedicated to international SF writers. It included Apex Book of World SF contributors Zoran Živković and Nir Yaniv - the full list of stories:- "First Photograph" by Zoran Živković - "The Gong" by Sara Genge- "The Dream of the Blue Man" by Nir Yaniv- "The Wordeaters" by... Continue Reading →

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