Dutch SF: Tais Deng Spotlight

Dutch author Tais Teng [Wikipedia entry] has a website where some of his stories published in English (in Dragon, Amazing Stories and Albedo One) are available to read online. Teng, whose real name is Thijs van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen, is a prolific, mostly Dutch-language writer occassionally working in English - also available is his novel The Emerald Boy... Continue Reading →

SF in Peru

A brief introduction to the peruvian science fiction By Daniel Salvo  Science fiction is not a usual literary genre in Peru and other South American countries. But, there were and there are authors who diverged from the mainstream, and wrote novels and tales which could be considered science fiction.   It started with Lima de... Continue Reading →

Islam and Science Fiction

We wanted to turn your attention today to the website on Islam and Science Fiction, which looks at both Islamic science fiction writers and the way Islam is portrayed in science fiction. Alongside this excellent web site there is an anthology, A Mosque Among the Stars, edited by Muhammad Aurangzeb Ahmad and Ahmed A. Khan. In... Continue Reading →

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