S.P. Somtow new Fantasy series

Apex Book of World SF contributor S.P. Somtow is launching a new fantasy series, The Dragonstones, with the first chapters of new novel, Jade, available online.

S.P. Somtow opens the Apex Book of World SF with his World Fantasy Award winning story, "The Bird Catcher".

And here is the opening of Jade:

One day a tall old man stands in the doorway and says he has come for me.   He says we shall go on a journey.  And when I ask him why, he tells me this: “So that one day you shall stand in a doorway, and you shall tell a boy that you have come to take him on a journey.  And when he shall ask why, you shall tell him, ‘So that one day you shall stand in a doorway such as this, and say these words to a child such as yourself.’”

My journey has been long.  And yet I have not reached the time when I shall stand in a stranger’s doorway and call out to an unknown youth.  It all unfolds in a continuous long present, yesterday and today all jumbled up like a basket of silk scraps in the fabric market.

Back then, to the twenty-first century.  The breath of the Dragon Jade had not yet warmed the world.  It was a time when children on street corners cried out that the world was ending, little knowing it had already ended. – read the rest of the chapter.


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