Nir Yaniv and Lavie Tidhar in Conversation

Apex Book of World SF editor Lavie Tidhar and contributor Nir Yaniv talk about their new novel, The Tel Aviv Dossier, over at BookSpotCentral.

Lavie: Well, the first book—the Hebrew book we did—we wrote when I was living in London and you were in Tel Aviv, so that was fairly easy. But then I moved to Vanuatu, where I had no Internet access for a year, and then to Asia, so with The Tel Aviv Dossier we had to deal with the time difference—we couldn’t really Skype the book like we did with the first one. So that was a bit tricky. But it was fun, too—do you have any particular bits you like in the book?

Nir: I like the crazy fireman, who’s fulfilling a longtime dream of mine, to drive a firetruck along Ibn-Gvirol street in Tel Aviv—which is where I live—going through everything in my way. And of course I like the bodyless head, mostly because you wanted to behead me when I first introduced it. – Click to continue reading.


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  1. you know, I haven’t commented, but I’ve been pimping you up every place I can. sounds like a book I’ll read.

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