Women Cuban Science Fiction Writers

 From the excellent Cuban Science Fiction site - Borrowed Time: Women Cuban Science Fiction Writers - a preface to a new anthology, by Raúl Aguiar.But in the years following 2000, a new wave of Cuban science fiction writers has emerged. Some of them have achieved recognition through the Internet, thanks to the Argentine e-zine, Axxón. This is true... Continue Reading →

Blogging from Clarion West

Philippines writer Rochita Loenen-Ruiz is attending the American writing workshop Clarion West, and blogging about the experience, with some interesting insights.Thinking about the gap in my science fictional reading, I realize that a lot of it has to do with the place where I grew up and what was available right there. While we had... Continue Reading →

Over at SF Signal, there is the first in a multi-part discussion on international SF by various contributors, including Apex Book of World SF editor Lavie Tidhar, all answering the question What is going on right now in the international sf/f scene that anglophone readers might be missing out on?We'll be following the discussion and commentary, of... Continue Reading →

Japanese SF

An article on Japanese SF, with a focus on media and a selected bibliography, by Aidan Doyle at the Internet Review of Science Fiction, written after the Japanese Worldcon."Yoshio Kobayashi is a leading translator of foreign SF into Japanese. When asked what the impact of the Worldcon on Japanese SF was, he answered, "Actually not... Continue Reading →

Essay: An Anime Fan’s Take on Japanese Speculative Fiction

The ever-busy Charles Tanhas a new essay over on his blog - Essay: An Anime Fan's Take on Japanese Speculative Fiction.Last week, Nick Mamatas posted a blog entry entitled Japanese SF and English-language original SF. It struck a chord in me because back before I was the "Philippine speculative fiction guy," I was trying to carve... Continue Reading →

SF in Brazil – Redux!

Another article on Brazilian SF over at the Shine Anthology blog - Optimism in Literature around the World and SF in Particular, part 5: Brazil, “the Country that Could Have Been and Maybe Will”, by Jacques Barcia."Brazil was cyberpunk and it’s becoming post-cyberpunk..." - read the article. 

SF in Brazil

Over at Fantasy Book Critic, Fabio Fernandes has an excellent article on Brazilian Speculative Fiction:The article you are about to read is a kind of follow-up to a very similar (almost identical, in fact) piece I did last year for Romanian magazine Nautilus. If in that article my tone was very optimistic, I´m afraid things had... Continue Reading →

A-Z to Latin American SF Writers

For anyone with an interest in Latin American SF, there is the incredible (though, sadly, not exactly cheap), Latin American Science Fiction Writers: An A-to-Z Guide [Amazon] [Google Books] edited by Darrell B. Lockhart."This volume represents an attempt to provide a comprehensive inventory of Latin American science fiction writing. My interest in such a project... Continue Reading →

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