SF in Brazil

Over at Fantasy Book Critic, Fabio Fernandes has an excellent article on Brazilian Speculative Fiction:

The article you are about to read is a kind of follow-up to a very similar (almost identical, in fact) piece I did last year for Romanian magazine Nautilus. If in that article my tone was very optimistic, I´m afraid things had changed drastically in the twelve months or so since its publication. (Fourteen months, in fact. Just checked.)

The title in Romanian, marile speranţe, means something like "great expectations". Some of them were fulfilled, some not, as it´s supposed to happen normally. In a country as big as Brazil, however, you should think that things already could have developed in a far better way that they did. Sadly, that´s not the case. Below, part of the original article, with (many) additional remarks. Read the rest of the article.


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