Women Cuban Science Fiction Writers

 From the excellent Cuban Science Fiction site – Borrowed Time: Women Cuban Science Fiction Writers – a preface to a new anthology, by Raúl Aguiar.

But in the years following 2000, a new wave of Cuban science fiction writers has emerged. Some of them have achieved recognition through the Internet, thanks to the Argentine e-zine, Axxón. This is true for Nora Calas, who has lived in Chile since the 1990s. It is also the case for one of the most important female voices in the field today: Anabel Enríquez Piñeiro. A founder of the “Espiral” group of the fantasy genre, her quarto of stories “Nada que declarer” [Nothing to declare] obtained both the Calendario Prize of SF in 2005 and the magazine Juventud Técnica’s [Technical Youth] first science fiction prize that same year. A little later she won the Che Guevara Memorial scholarship from the AHS for her essay “Mujeres y Literatura Fantástica: los caminos de(l) género” [Women and Fantasy Literature: the paths of gender and genre]. The interesting thing about Anabel Enriquez’ work is that the writer is not afraid to apply scientific speculation or technology in developing her stories. Of course, that is not the principal focus for her, but merely a means to explore social and familial themes, as in her tale “Nada que declarer”, in which she describes a family of space “stowaways” in a somber future that closely resembles an anti-utopian or a cyberpunk style. Or her magnificent short story “Deuda temporal” [Borrowed Time] – from which the title of this anthology is taken – in which we find the classic theme of Einstein’s twin paradox, now seen through a woman’s eyes, in the relation between a daughter and her astronaut mother, as we watch as time, and their lives, spin out of joint before our eyes.  – read the rest of the introduction.


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