Russian vampire series to be published in US

SFScope report that Russian writer Lena Meydan sold Twilight Forever Rising to Stacy Hague-Hill at Tor Books.

Quoting from SFScope:

Meydan’s agent told SFScope the book is "the first work in a series of Vampire novels. It is already a major Russian bestseller with over 80,000 copies sold to date in hardcover. Twilight Forever Rising is what happens when Anne Rice meets The Sopranos: a vampire-human love story in the midst of a brutal struggle among powerful aristocratic and everyday vampire families. Full of fascinating new vampire mythology as only a Russian can create with a contemporary story, complex characters, and wonderful prose, Twilight Forever Rising is an enthralling story of morality, friendship, power, and love."

Meydan’s first novel, Rubin Karashehr, was published in 2004, and won the highest literary honor, the Silver Kaduzei, at the Star Bridge international festival of fantasy that year. In 2007, she completed the series, the last volume of which was named 2007’s Book of the Year in Fantasy World, Russia’s largest magazine of fiction and fantasy. Twilight Forever Rising was Meydan’s second novel published in Russia, and was named Best Urban Fantasy for 2000-2005 by the 13th International Congress of fantasy writers in St. Petersburg.



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