Aliette de Bodard sells three books; interviewed

Apex Book of World SF contributor Aliette de Bodard has just signed a three book deal with Angry Robot, the new genre imprint from HarperCollins – congratulations Aliette! She is interviewed by Marshall Payne over on the Bibliophile Stalker blog:

I was born in New York, but didn’t really stay long enough for that to make an impression on me (in fact, I was so young when we left that I remember nothing from that time period). I’m half-French, half-Vietnamese, which makes for an interesting intersection of backgrounds: though most of my education was French, my Vietnamese mother and grandmother played a huge part in it.

One of the most formative experiences I had in many ways was living for two years in London as a teenager: it’s always eye-opening to move elsewhere, even if the "elsewhere" is a neighboring country. It was also in London that I discovered SF and fantasy as a genre, rather than the occasional book borrowed from the library. 

She joins another Apex Book of World SF contributor – Kaaron Warren‘s first of three novels with Angry Robot, Slights, has been getting rave reviews everywhere. And as if Angry Robot have not had enough, they have also signed up Apex Book of World SF editor Lavie Tidhar. At this rate we won’t have any contributors left!


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