Apex Book of World SF Launch in November

 The Apex Book of World SF (still available for pre-orders directly from our publisher) will be published in November as part of a move that sees Apex Books expanding their reach. From Jason Sizemore:

I’m pleased to announce that Apex has contracted Pathway Book Service to provide us with distribution and fulfillment services.

What does this mean to Apex Books?

First and foremost, this should help Apex breakthrough into more brick & mortar bookstores. Via Pathway, we’ll be accepting returns. Also, via Pathway, our books should get more notice and attention from the store buyers.

It means we’re taking a cautious step away from the POD business model we’ve ran for the past three years and moving toward a larger market share and increased sales volume. It’s a big move for a small outfit like Apex Books, but one that is required for us to continue to grow.

We need our fans’ support now more than ever. You’ve propelled us this far, and I have no doubt that with your support, we’ll become a bigger force, a louder force in the genre field.


What does this mean for the Apex Book of World SF? Well, it is going to be the first Apex title to be publishedunder the new model, which will see it being distributed into brick-and-mortar stores across the US. We will be promoting the book as much as possible, of course, and have some exciting features being lined up across the various genre media outlets. Of course, nothing can quite match simple word of mouth, so any mention of us on your own blogs or sites would be much appreciated. While we are hoping to do a second volume, but that will depend entirely on sales of the first issue.

We will also, of course, continue with the World SF News Blog.

What you can do to help?

Thank you for your support!


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