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As we said, we wanted to look at some anthologies, and here is a short review, as well as a table of contents, of a very interesting anthology – Creatures of Glass and Light: New European Stories of the Fantastic was published in 2007 in Denmark, featuring stories in English from European writers, edited by Klaus Mogensen. It’s not clear how to get hold of a copy – it seems to have been published for the 2007 Eurocon.

Getting hold of continental European SF in English is difficult and such offerings are rare. Indeed, though we very occasionally get some translated novels, collections of continental European shorts in English are extremely rare. The reasons for this includes difficulty in translation and in British publishers’ commissioning editors being aware of the good stuff in languages other than English. Then there is the further problem that some of the good stuff is really only good for readers from a particular country should it be steeped in that nation’s specific cultural references. Furthermore, if the writing is complex translation is all the more difficult such are the idiomatic hurdles. Take all these elements together and it becomes easy to see why it is very difficult for non-Anglophone SF to come out in English, hence become exposed to the SF book reader markets of Great Britain, Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, India, the US etc. All of which made the decision of the 2007 Eurocon (Copenhagen, Denmark) and publishers SF Cirklen either very brave or one born of ignorance as to the scale of the problem. Either way it is hats off to Klaus Mogensen for taking on the challenge to publish the best SF stories continental Europe currently has to offer. If Klaus was not aware of the magnitude of his project to begin with (he was not) then he certainly was by its end. Klaus outlines some of the difficulties in a pragmatic introduction. – read the rest of the review.


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  1. OK, the book can be ordered here. Unfortunately the web site is in Danish, but if you want a copy and need to talk to someone in English email me and I’ll pass you a contact address. cheryl [at] cheryl-morgan [dot] com.

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