Arabic SF Prize, Association Plans Announced

 ALECSO (The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization) has announced several exciting plans for developing science fiction in the Arab world, having held a meeting on the topic at its Tunisian offices earlier this year.

The full press release is below:

Closing The Meeting of Science Fiction Literature Experts in the Arab World in Tunis  
(Tunis: 07-04-2009)
   The meeting of Science Fiction Literature experts in the Arab world that was held at Alecso‘s headquarters concluded its work today.  
   Therefore, the participants presented at the end of the meeting a list of recommendations to Alecso from which we mention:
   1- Preparing a data base of authors and writers who are interested in Science fiction writings.
   2- Establishing an Arab association of science fiction authors.
   3- Supporting the translation from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic in the field of science fiction.
   Moreover, theparticipants demanded from the Arab countries to:
   1- To include the Science fiction literature in the curricula at schools 
   2- To stimulate Educational, Cultural and informative association to recognize this kind of literature 
   On the other hand, the participants have supported Alecso‘s intention to launch a prize to encourage young authors to write in the Science fiction field 


2 thoughts on “Arabic SF Prize, Association Plans Announced

  1. This is really exciting. I lived in Tunis from ’94 to ’98. If only I could return to attend this. Anyway, I’ll have to poke around and see if I can find someone to translate some of my work for the Arabic-language market. That would be grand.

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