Nick Mamatas interviewed on editing Haikasoru

 Over at Amazon blog Omnivoracious, Nick Mamatas, editor of the new Haikasoru line of translated Japanese SF novels, talks to Jeff VanderMeer: Between now and the end of the year, are there any other releases you’re particularly excited about?

Mamatas: Well, Usurper of the Sun–our first hard SF title. It’s a planetary adventure about aliens who build a ring around the Sun using planetary material from Mercury. It’s interesting for several reasons: it’s got scope, we follow the main character from high school to late middle-age as she dedicates herself to understanding the Builders. There’s some strange humor in it (Paul Levinson namedropped Murakami in his blurb for a reason!) and a fair amount of it takes place in Berkeley, my current hometown. Also, Battle Royale: The Novel. It’s a reissue, with a revised text and a long afterword by the author. At 22 pages, [the afterword is] the longest thing Takami has published, I believe, since Battle Royale itself. It’s in the form of a Q/A: we cover everything from his literary influences to his favorite pro wrestlers. – read the rest of the interview.


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