Round table: Favourite Philippines short stories

Over at Philippines blog Rocket Kapre, an excellent round-table discussion:Taking our cue from SF Signal, in Rocket Round Table, we pose a single question to those who toil in the fields of Philippine SF. Our aim isto promote reflection and discussion, as well as to simply compare notes on the genre we know and love.... Continue Reading →

European SF anthology

As we said, we wanted to look at some anthologies, and here is a short review, as well as a table of contents, of a very interesting anthology - Creatures of Glass and Light: New European Stories of the Fantastic was published in 2007 in Denmark, featuring stories in English from European writers, edited by Klaus Mogensen. It's... Continue Reading →

Exotic Gothic 3

Via Charles Tan, we came across the complete table of contents for the anthology Exotic Gothic 3, and not only does it contain a story from Apex Book of World SF contributor Tunku Halim, as we reported, but also - it's uncanny! - stories from no less than three other of our contributors! These being... Continue Reading →

Exotic Gothic

Canadian publishers Ash-Tree Press have been putting together a series of anthologies, Exotic Gothic, which have a nice international flavour. Volume 2 features Apex Book of World SF contributor Dean Francis Alfar (Philippines) as well as Serbian writer Milorad Pavić (author of the Dictionary of the Khazars!) and African writer George Makana Clark, while the forthcoming volume 3 will feature... Continue Reading →

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