New Review for The Apex Book of World SF

The Apex Book of World SF is coming out in two weeks (and is still available for pre-order from Apex Books), and one of the first reviews has just come in. Over at, reviewer Randy Lazarus is particularly taken with Dean Francis Alfar‘s The “Kite of Stars” and with Aleksandar Žiljak‘s “An Evening in the Coffeehouse with Lydia on My Mind”, concluding:

The great thing about Tidhar’s collection is that it is full of such masterpieces. You do have to get used to having your mind warped as if by some powerful psychedelic. You’ll definitely feel that way after Zoran Zivkovic and his Godot-like explorations. Or after Guy Hasson’s thought experiment about the nature of mind and thought. But once you get used to the idea, you can settle in and enjoy the ride.

Why not pre-order now?

UPDATE: They also have an interview with editor Lavie Tidhar.

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