The Faces of Korean Science Fiction

Who would have guessed it? But the ambassador of the Czech Republic to the Republic of Korea, Jaroslav Olša, jr., also happens to be the former co-editor of Czech science fiction magazine Ikarie and author of the Czech-language Encyclopedia of Science Fiction Literature (1995)! Read this report on the first Czech-Korean science fiction meeting in... Continue Reading →

Hungarian Science Fiction Novels

Over at the now-defunct Fantastic Metropolis site is an article from a while back on Hungarian science fiction by Péter Michaleczky, with a very brief history of the genre in Hungary and a List of The Most Important Hungarian SF novels from between 1975-2000. Who wouldn't want to read Kiálts farkast! (“Cry Wolf!”), for instance, by... Continue Reading →

Iraq, Frank Herbert’s Dune – and George W. Bush?

From Bidoun: Art and Culture from the Middle East, comes a thought-provoking article by Anand Balakrishnan, contrasting Frank Herbert's epic novel, Dune, with the American war in Iraq, in the process talking about science fiction in Arabic, the future of Islamic culture and more: Dune's central importance at our current historical juncture is twofold. First,... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Stanislaw Lem

While we try to bring attention to current and on-going events in international science fiction, it is also worth looking back, and what better way than with Istvan Csicsery-Ronay's Twenty-Two Answers and Two Postscripts: An Interview with Stanislaw Lem from 1986. Originally published in Science Fiction Studies, and translated into English by Marek Lugowski, the... Continue Reading →

Australian Writers Talk Environment

Over at the Internet Review of Science Fiction,  four Australian writers (including Apex Book of World SF contributor Kaaron Warren) discuss the environment, the Australian landscape and the relationship with speculative fiction. Angela: How does the Australian landscape affect what you write and how does the landscape come through in your writing? Jason: I've lived... Continue Reading →

New Philippines Virtual Anthology: The Farthest Shore

Filipino authors/editors Dean Francis Alfar and Joseph Nacino have just released an online anthology of original and reprint fantasy fiction, The Farthest Shore: INTRODUCTION BY SERIES EDITOR JOSEPH NACINO: I’ve done my fair share of traveling when I was younger. I’ve walked the romantic streets of Paris and the clean-swept parks of Singapore, seen the... Continue Reading →

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