Monday Original Content: An Interview with Vandana Singh

Interview by Charles Tan. Hi! Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. First off, what's the appeal of speculative fiction for you? Do you think it's an appropriate term for your writing, or is there another descriptor you deem more appropriate? Thanks for interviewing me!  Speculative fiction is indeed an appropriate term for my writing. ... Continue Reading →

Stanislaw Lem on Philip K. Dick: “A Visionary Among the Charlatans”

Stanislaw Lem's classic essay, translated from the Polish by Robert Abernathy, is online at the Science Fiction Studies archives. If anyone is dissatisfied with SF in its role as an examiner of the future and of civilization, there is no way to make an analogous move from literary oversimplifications to full-fledged art, because there is... Continue Reading →

Henry Jenkins on “The Pleasures of Not Belonging”

Henry Jenkins discusses genre, globalization and interstitial art: We are seeing greater cultural churn as more and more works move across national borders, get picked up by new artists and audiences, get combined in new ways, paving the way for nouvelle culture in the same way that the global availability of spices and ingredients has... Continue Reading →

Larry Nolen on “International SF” and Problems of Identity

Over at the Nebula Awards Blog, Larry Nolen discusses “International SF” and Problems of Identity. This problem raises what might be a central problem involving “international SF,” that of possible conflicts between Anglo-American expectations of what “SF” constitutes and what the various non-Anglophone countries might view as being an essential story.  Some might argue that... Continue Reading →

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