Apex Book of World SF Interview Series #5: Kaaron Warren

Kaaron WarrenThe fifth in our interview series with Apex Book of World SF contributors, conducted by Charles Tan and published over at SF Signal. And this time, it’s Kaaron Warren:

As far as your question regarding the speculative field of fiction in Fiji, local writers write almost entirely in the realist mode. The works of writers such as Satendra Nandan, Raymond Pillai and Subramani are grounded specifically in the historical past of indenture. These three are part of the original wave of writers who emerged in Fiji especially after the setting up of the USP in 1968. Later writers such as the playwright Larry Thomas also work in the realist mode, Thomas being concerned with the everyday struggles of Indigenous Indo-Fijians and Part-Europeans living on the margins of society. The new wave of writers including Cresantia Koya and Susan Sela also write in the realist mode, Cresantia being concerned with issues of gender and identity. The Rotuman playwright and now film-maker Vilisoni Hereniko was actively involved with play-writing and producing plays at USP in the 80s. His first play “Seras choice” was about cross-cultural relations. His one-act play “The monster” (1988) is a political allegory coming after the 1987 coup. The Indo-fijian poet and academic Sudesh Mishra’s play Ferringhi is an example of fiction that moves away from a realist mode – very symbolic and works on multiple levels.read the rest of the interview.

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