Nir Yaniv: King of Freestyle

King & NirApex Book of World SF contributor Nir Yaniv – whose most recent story, Benjamin Schneider’s Little Greys, is now up on the special World SF issue of Apex Magazine, is also a talented musician – currently performing with the Lesotho-born King Cano Huricane Kwa-Zulu. Check out this story on them at the Jerusalem Post, looking at their music, conflict in the Middle East, and plans for the future:

THE SOUTH African globetrotter first visited Israel in 2007, driving east through Europe from Holland on a bio-diesel bus burning felafel and French fry oil, and arriving on a cargo ship via Cyprus.

“When we landed in Haifa, Customs detained us for two and a half hours, and my pitbull for six hours. We didn’t have a piece of paper stating the dog was castrated. I told the man to look between his legs to check the dog was fixed. He said I needed a piece of paper. I ended up going to an Internet café, typed in ‘dog castration’ in Wikipedia, and printed out a form. The man didn’t even look at the damn paper, and that’s how we got here,” King the rest of the article.

And visit the duo’s web page at King & Nir.


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