Apex Book of World SF Interview Series #8: Dean Francis Alfar

Dean Francis AlfarThe eights in our interview series with Apex Book of World SF contributors, conducted by Charles Tan and published over at SF Signal. And this time, it’s Dean Francis Alfar:

Growing up, there was a dearth of spec fic written by Filipino authors. During that time, realism was valued more. I decided that I would attempt to write the kinds of stories I wanted to read. Eventually, I was able to get my stories published in various venues. I thought that if I could do it, then so could other Filipino writers, especially the younger ones. I put together an annual anthology and put forth a call for submissions. To my delight, stories came in from across the archipelago. That’s how I began editing speculative fiction. “Philippine Speculative Fiction” will have its 5th volume out next year. – read the rest of the interview.


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