Apex Book of World SF Interview Series #11: Nir Yaniv

The second-to-last in our interview series with Apex Book of World SF contributors, conducted by Charles Tan and published over at SF Signal. And this time it’s Nir Yaniv:

I was present when the Israeli Society for SF&F was formed. That was back in 1996, and Brian Aldiss was the guest of honor. They were looking for someone to build a website for the Society, and I volunteered. I built a very simple site which ran for several years, but which I wasn’t really happy with. In 1999, friends of mine created one of Israel’s first online magazines, “Ha’ayal Hakore” (those two words mean “Elk” in ancient Hebrew, but one of them also means “reader”; a word game, yes). The moment I saw the software that they wrote for it, I knew that I could use it to run an SF magazine. I lured the Society into paying for the project, and viola! Israel’s first online SF magazine was born.  – read the rest of the interview.


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