Short Story Highlight: “Into the Monsoon” by A.M. Muffaz

Malaysian writer A.M. Muffaz's story, Into the Monsoon, is up at Fantasy Magazine.


Short Fiction Summaries, 2009: Clarkesworld

Charles here, stealing this blog while Lavie's temporarily away. Unfortunately, in terms of fiction, according to Lavie's definitions, only he qualifies. Clarkesworld Magazine: The Dying World, Lavie Tidhar, Issue #31 April 2009. However, in terms of cover art, there's a couple of international artists that we'd like to highlight: Evil Snowman, Serj Iulian, Issue #28... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Science Fiction in Portugal

Science Fiction in Portugal: The Drawing Up of a Territory Teresa Sousa de Almeida [Published by arrangement with Correio do Fantástico, with thanks to Roberto Mendes and Luis Filipe Silva] In memory of José Diogo Nazareth Sousa de Almeida, (1924-1997) This work intends to present the outlines of science fiction and of a certain fantastic... Continue Reading →

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