Short Fiction Summaries, 2009: Analog

Prompted by a conversation with Jeff Ford, we thought we’d take a look at what stories have been published in 2009 from people who could be termed world SF writers. And next up: Analog Magazine.







Well, that was fun!


4 thoughts on “Short Fiction Summaries, 2009: Analog

    1. It’s not really semi-pro, though… it pays, what, $10 a story? There are several small publications with more of a focus on international SF – Expanded Horizons is another good one – but the problem is, there are literally hundreds of small publications and only a handful of professional ones.

      However if anyone wants to write a summary for the blog of some of these, I’d be happy to post it…

      1. Yep, it pays $10 per story.

        Crossed Genres is also a young magazine but it has good intentions.

        So, for sf/f writers, the real big break is to get published in the Big Brothers Of SF/F (Asimov, Analog etc)? For sf/f writers who get published in small publications, they are not considered as real sf/f writers? I think there seems to be this distinction here and it’s something that turns a lot of people away from sf/f.

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