Short Fiction Summaries, 2009: Fantasy Magazine

Prompted by a conversation with Jeff Ford, we thought we’d take a look at what stories have been published in 2009 from people who could be termed world SF writers. We’re focusing on people from outside of the traditional Anglophone world (so no US, UK, English-speaking Canada or Australia – all of whom have an obvious advantage), or American/British/etc. ex-pats overseas.

Caveat: my name pops up in these lists. Got to make a living somehow…

And next up is Fantasy Magazine (in descending order this time):

So, 8 stories by my count, making Fantasy Magazine our top international publisher so far!



One thought on “Short Fiction Summaries, 2009: Fantasy Magazine

  1. If you’re counting American/British/etc. ex-pats overseas, you can also add Ruth Nestvold’s “Woman in Abaya with Onion” (on June 22nd), since Ruth has been living in Germany for a while (and has even published her novel “Flame and Harp” in German translation)

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