Wednesday Editorial: Looking Back on 2009, by Lavie Tidhar

Editorial: Looking Back on 2009 Lavie Tidhar I started the World SF News Blog in February this year, on Livejournal; in many ways, it was intended to be a companion of sorts for The Apex Book of World SF. It has quickly evolved beyond that, though, and in October I made the decision to move... Continue Reading →

Gender debate

Over at Rebellious Jezebel, blogger Jha takes Nuno Fonseca (for his editorial here this week) and Luis Filipe Silva (for his response) to task on their treatment of gender, saying in part: Well, yes, of course arguing the lack of representation in spec fic is a goddamn personal thing. Fuck the male privilege horse you... Continue Reading →

Luis Filipe Silva on SF in Portugal and Fonseca’s Editorial

Over at his blog, Luis Filipe Silva has a thoughtful response to the Nuno Fonseca editorial we published yesterday. This season’s highlight on the Portuguese SF must be the publication of what we hope is the first article by Nuno Fonseca for the World SF blog, thus kicking off the Portuguese-speaking contribution to the general... Continue Reading →

Short Fiction Highlight: “Bophuthatswana” by Lavie Tidhar

Lavie Tidhar's South African-set story, "Bophuthatswana", is now available as a podcast on Pseudopod, read by Elan Ressel. 'You know what they call people like us in America?' I say. Wez looks at me sideways. His pupils are large, his dark hair falling over a delicate oval face. 'I don't know, bru. Super-heroes?' 'No, asshole,'... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Australian SF Round Table

Monday Original Content: A Round Table on Australian SF with Gillian Polack, Simon Brown, Yaritji Green and Tessa Kum. By Kaaron Warren Australians have a long history of Science Fiction and Fantasy literature. May Gibbs’ wrote Snugglepot and Cuddlepie in 1918. These famous gumnut babies and their mortal enemies the Banksia men are part of... Continue Reading →

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