Ashok Banker interview no longer available

I regret to say I’ve removed the Ashok Banker interview and two related posts. The last e-mail I recieved from Ashok said, in part:

I think things have just passed the nuisance point and become genuinely disturbing. I’m now receiving not merely hatemail (along the usual boringly repetitive racial and jingoistic lines) but also a few death threats. They could possibly be from the same person under different names/handles, but even if so, they’re disturbing. […] I don’t give a damn about this kind of thing and am quite willing to take on all comers. But the emails are not coming just to me – the persons have managed to track down my son, wife and daughter on Facebook and Twitter, quite easy to do since we’re all ‘friends’ and interlinked, and are sending them hatemail and threats as well.

With that in mind I, of course, respected Ashok’s wishes. I’d like to thank Charles Tan for conducting the interview, and Ashok for graciously answering our questions. It has been by far our most often-viewed post on the WSNB, but I think it’s been up long enough for anyone who had wanted to read it to have read it. I’m also taking the one-time step of disabling comments to this post.


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