Short fiction summaries, 2009: Apex Magazine

Prompted by a conversation with Jeff Ford, we thought we’d take a look at what stories have been published in 2009 from people who could be termed world SF writers. We’re focusing on people from outside of the traditional Anglophone world (so no US, UK, English-speaking Canada or Australia – all of whom have an obvious advantage), nor American/British/etc. ex-pats overseas – though we attempt to mention them, at least, as Charles and I tend to somewhat disagree on definitions. You can check out more summaries by clicking on the “2009 summaries” tag in our tag-cloud.

Caveat: my name pops up in these lists.

This time it’s Apex Magazine. A diverse list of contributors – we have Americans overseas, like Ruth Nesvold (Germany) in the January issue and Gord Sellar (South Korea) in the February issue; Russian-American writer Ekaterina Sedia in the March issue (and again in the September issue); new Australian writer Peter M. Ball (who’s popping up a lot this year) in the May issue; the special World SF issue, of course – and the American list itself is quite diverse.

The stories:

So, 7 by my reckoning, more by Charles’ (see above) – any way you look at it a respectable offering. Apex, of course, are the publishers behind The Apex Book of World SF, but it’s nice to see the diversity on offer in the magazine itself.

Apex and Fantasy are currently ahead by a wide margin, with Clarkesworld ruling the roost in terms of artwork. Analog’s at the bottom…

We’d like to run more summaries but our time is limited. If you’d like to contribute drop us a line, especially if you’d like to cover some of the smaller publications.


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