Apex Book of World SF Authors Group Interview on Strange Horizons

Over at Strange Horizons, Nicholas Seeley interviews several of the authors of The Apex Book of World SF, including Anil Menon (India), Han Song (China), Kaaron Warren (Australia), Aleksandar Žiljak (Croatia) and others.

Han Song: [Speculative fiction] reflects a national identity or national preoccupations by centering on a country’s unreal or parallel history. It depicts the remote future of a nation and makes people reexamine their current life, so as to increase or decrease their confidence. Sometimes it lights the fire of nationalism. It spreads a country’s unique philosophy, shared only by its people. In China this genre is often used by the government to create a platform for cultivating the youngsters who are expected to make contributions to the country. Publishers are reluctant to print books depicting a collapsed China in the future.read the rest of the article!


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