US Publisher Aquires French Fantasy Novel

[via SF Scope] US publisher Pyr has announced purchase of French writer Pierre Pevel‘s The Cardinal’s Blades (French title: L’Alchimiste des ombres]. Purchasing editor Lou Anders said:

Pierre Pevel’s The Cardinal’s Blades is “a fantastic bit of swashbuckling historical fantasy slash swords and sorcery that I am head over heels about.” The book was originally published in May 2009 in France asL’Alchimiste des ombres. It’s set in “seventeenth century Paris, where intrigue, duels, and spies are rife and Cardinal Richelieu’s men may be prevailed upon to risk life and limb in the name of France at a moment’s notice. And with war on the horizon, the defense of the nation has never been more pressing.

“It’s death or victory. And the victory has never been less certain.”

“Danger is rising from the south—an insidious plot which could end with a huge dragon-shaped shadow falling over France. A shadow cast by dragons quite unlike the pet dragonets which roam the cities like stray cats, or the tame wyverns men ride like horses, high over the Parisian rooftops. These dragons and their descendants are ancient, terrible, and powerful… and their plans contain little room for the lives or freedom of men.

“Cardinal Richelieu has nowhere else to turn; Captain La Fargue and his elite group of men, the Cardinal’s Blades, must turn the tide. They must hold the deadly Black Claw cult at bay, root out traitors to the crown, rescue prisoners, and fulfill their mission for the Cardinal, for their country, but above all for themselves.

From SF Scope:

Pevel is “one of the foremost writers of French fantasy today.” He’s written seven novels, and won the Grand Prix de L’Imaginaire (for Les Ombres de Wielstadt in 2002) and the Prix Imaginales (for L’Elixir d’Oubli in 2005).


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