2009 summaries: Expanded Horizons

Expanded Horizons have just posted their list of 2009 stories by international writers – I’ll just quote from their post:

This list only includes people from non-Anglo-Saxon countries or people who immigrated to said countries (but not people whose parents did) either as adults or as children. American/UK/etc. expats are not included. People from Anglophonic but non-Anglo-Saxon countries, i.e., where English is one of the official languages (such as the Philippines or India), are also included.

We present 17 stories overall, 6 of those by immigrants to Anglo-Saxon countries. 13 separate authors (5 of them immigrants to Anglo-Saxon countries). These make up approximately 35% of our published stories this year. As you can see, you need not be US- or UK-based to successfully submit to us!

We published the most stories by authors from the Philippines (4 stories, 3 authors) and India (4 stories, 3 authors), followed by Israel and Mexico (2-2 stories, by one author). We’ve received a lot of links and mentions from the Philippines blogosphere – we’d like to thank everyone who linked to us, and we will always remain open to great Filipino/a stories!

Stories are listed in the order of appearance.

Only the Song by Christine Lucas (Greek)

The Sun Diary by Lavie Tidhar (Israeli)

A Mother’s Dilemma by Jasmin Nanda (Indian)

Memories of my Sister by Aliette de Bodard (French-Vietnamese)

King of Sand and Stormy Seas by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Mexican immigrant to the US)

Night Out by Eliza Victoria (Filipina)

Bhima by Ajay Vishwanathan (Indian)

Slip Road by Tade Thompson (Nigerian living in the UK)

Alienation and Love in the Hebrew Alphabet by Lavie Tidhar (Israeli)

Sinking Palaces by Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Mexican immigrant to the US)

The Second Mrs. Sharma by Bindia Persaud (Guyanese immigrant to Canada)

A Texture Beyond Dreams by Swapna Kishore (Indian)

Haunted Persuasion by Lilian Wu (Singaporean)

I Am the City by Eliza Victoria (Filipina)

A Memory of Ice by Bint Arab (Iraqi immigrant to the US)

Twin Cities by Catherine Batac Walder (Filipina immigrant to the UK)

The Ascension of our Lady Boy by Mia Tijam (Filipina)

Dreams by Jasmin Nanda (Indian)

Rumpelstiltskin Retellings: A Series of Poetic Blogs by Keyan Bowes (India)


2 thoughts on “2009 summaries: Expanded Horizons

  1. I’d just like to add an update…

    We realized after we posted this list that we left someone out! We corrected it immediately. The missing story is “Only the Song” by Christine Lucas (Greek), bringing our percentage total to 37%.

    Please make the necessary changes- we have it changed on our site already (with a hyperlink to the missing story).

    There is also a poem by an international author that we did not include in our original list: “The Rumpelstiltskin Retellings: A Series of Poetic Blogs” by Keyan Bowes (Indian). This update is also on our site with the appropriate hyperlink.

    Thank you!

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