Short Story Highlight: “The Believers” by Nir Yaniv (Chizine)

Our second short fiction highlight for the year – the latest issue of online magazine Chizine has a story by Israeli writer Nir Yaniv: The Believers (translated from the Hebrew by the author).

The old woman in the grocery store stares at the floor and doesn’t look up. She examines the date printed on a chunk of cheese, and her hand shakes. She turns around, drops the cheese into one of the two carts nearby. It’s the wrong cart, and a small child sees the cheese fall, then hit a pack of frozen chicken legs. There’s a terrible tearing noise, and the old woman is split in two. Blood and stomach and intestines spray all over the place, and then there’s a gargling noise, and then silence.

Everyone ignores this, keeping their heads down.

Except for the little boy, who’s waiting patiently with his mother in the line in front of the cash register. He still doesn’t understand the need to lower your head. His mother covers his ears and eyes with her hands, but it’s too late.

From somewhere in the air comes the sound of beating wings. – read the rest of the story.


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