Lavie Tidhar’s HebrewPunk Kindle Edition Released

My collection of four linked stories, HebrewPunk, first published in paperback in 2007, is now available in a Kindle edition (and also in PDF from DriveThruStuff). A re-imagining of pulp fantasy in Jewish terms, HebrewPunk follows three characters – the Rabbi, the Tzaddik and the Rat – through, variously, 1920s London, War World II in 1943 Transylvania, and the Jewish expedition to British East Africa in 1905.


  • Introduction by Laura Anne Gilman
  • The Heist
  • Transylvanian Mission
  • The Dope Fiend (first published in Sci Fiction)
  • Uganda (read it for free on Rudy Rucker’s Flurb)

“Lavie Tidhar has a unique and fascinating voice, as well as a good sense of history- both History Surreal and History Literary, as well as the more mundane kind. Imagine Hard-Boiled Kabbalah, a Godfather Rabbi whose gang includes vampires, werewolves and (naturally) golems. If you like your otherworld fun noir, have I got a book for you!”Kage Baker

5 thoughts on “Lavie Tidhar’s HebrewPunk Kindle Edition Released

  1. Lavie, it’s great that HebrewPunk is available in Kindle format, but I’m curious why it isn’t also available in the Mobipocket format. The kindle format is essentially the same as the mobipocket format except the Mobipocket format can be read by more ereading software/hardware.

    1. I just checked – and it should be, once it goes up at Fictionwise. Which will be soon, hopefully…

      1. It went up this week on fictionwise and I purchased it, at a deep discount as well! 🙂

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