The WSNB needs YOUR help!

The Apex Book of World SF has been out since November – just under three months – and some returns have started to come in. We’ve been getting good reviews, some great readers – but we still need your help.

Specifically – we need to sell 92 copies until the end of this month.

And we need your help.

Not got a copy yet? Consider buying one. Got one already? How about giving it away as a present? Or donating it to your struggling local library?

Whatever you do, support World SF this month. Buy a copy of The Apex Book of World SF directly from Apex Books.

Spread the word. Post a review of the anthology on your blog. Link back to the WSNB. Enjoy our original weekly features, columns, interviews and discussions. Click on some of the links.

Help us keep it all going.

Remember! Just 92 copies until the end of the month! We’ll be keeping a running tally from now until January 31st. And thank you for your support!

“From S.P. Somtow’s World Fantasy Award-winning “The Bird Catcher,” a restrained horror tale of a young boy’s friendship with Thailand’s most infamous human “monster,” to “Wizard World,” Galaxy Award winner Yang Ping’s story of high-tech gamers, this extraordinary anthology of 16 tales introduces English-speaking readers to some of the world’s best writers of sf, horror, fantasy, and metafiction. Contributors include Jamil Nasir (Palestine), Aleksandar Ziljak (Croatia), Guy Hasson (Israel), Kaaron Warren (Australia/Fiji), and Jetse de Vries (Netherlands). VERDICT This literary window into the international world of imaginative fiction, the first in a new series, is sure to appeal to adventurous sf fans and readers of fiction in translation.”
Library Journal, August 2009


14 thoughts on “The WSNB needs YOUR help!

  1. Do you have limited time to sell a previous determined number of books?

    Hope you can make it!!!

    1. Returns, and the whole 6-months turn-around on bookshop orders. Which means trying to sell a few more directly through Apex.

      And thanks for picking up a copy!

  2. My copy is (now) on the way, but it’s probably not going to be here before the end of the month 😦 I’ll review it when it does come though!

    1. Jeff, we’re using POD to print the book (since our print runs are still under 1500), but Apex has distribution through Pathway Book Service.

      The odd economy of POD makes it so that using my current printer is cheaper for runs of 1500 or less than going with a traditional offset printer.

      Naturally, the goal is to get sales volume past the 1500 mark. This book should be close to that…

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