French Steampunk: The League of Heroes

Steampunk Scholar has a review of the French comic The League of Heroes by Xavier Mauméjean and translated by Manuella Chevalier:

Steampunk often engages in the first aspect of recursive fantasy, utilizing existing fictional characters from nineteenth century adventure tales: Jeter’s Morlock Night; Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula; Mark Frost’s The List of Seven, and The Six Messiahs; Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neil with the mother-of-all-recursive fantasies, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And while it is deeply satisfying to see old characters reworked to suit new sensibilities and styles, I found it deeply satisfying to be forced by Mauméjean’s text, to wrestle through both the fantasy of the Empire of Albion, as well as the mundane reality of 1960s England, wondering how it all fits together.


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