Spanish SF 2005 – 2009

Over at Sue Burke’s Livejournal, she posts a translation of the studies made by Literatura Fantastica, a Spanish website specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Here are some of the facts that she mentions:

  • -In 2009, 486 books were published by large publishers, 362 by small publishers, and 35 by non-professional publishers. Of those, 378 were fantasy, 160 science fiction, 241 horror, 22 mixed, 62 other, and 20 unknown/not applicable. Over the five-year-period, fantasy titles have grown by 40% and horror by 100%, while science fiction has remained steady.
  • From 2005 to 2009, 832 books were published in Castillian, 110 in Catalán, 2 in Euskera (Basque), 7 in Gallego (Spain has four official languages), and 2555 in translation. Of those 3506 books, 70% were by men, 20% by women, and 10% by unknown/not applicable. Over the years, the number of women has been slowly increasing due to more juvenile fantasy and paranormal romance titles.

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