Innsmouth Free Press Multiethnic Issue TOC

Innsmouth Free Press will be releasing a multiethnic issue on June 1, 2010 and to whet your appetite, they’ve posted the table of contents:

Sanford Allen – Kali Yuga
Nadia Bulkin – Red Goat, Black Goat
Gustavo Bondoni – Eyes in the Vastness of Forever
Raymond G. Falgui – The Hunger Houses
Travis King – The Doom that Came to Yamatai
Juan Miguel Marín – The Bats in the Walls
Mari Ness – Quoth the Cultist
Daniel José Older – Death on the Fine Line
Pamela Rentz – Estelle Makes the Casino Run
Charles R. Saunders – Jeroboam Henley’s Debt
Ekaterina Sedia – The Great Performance of Kadir Bey
Caleb Jordan Schulz – The Mountain that Eats Men
Bogi Takács – Bottomless Lake Bus Stop
Bryan Thao Worra  – A Model Apartment

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