Spanish SF 2005 – 2009

Over at Sue Burke's Livejournal, she posts a translation of the studies made by Literatura Fantastica, a Spanish website specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Here are some of the facts that she mentions: -In 2009, 486 books were published by large publishers, 362 by small publishers, and 35 by non-professional publishers. Of those,... Continue Reading →

French Steampunk: The League of Heroes

Steampunk Scholar has a review of the French comic The League of Heroes by Xavier Mauméjean and translated by Manuella Chevalier: Steampunk often engages in the first aspect of recursive fantasy, utilizing existing fictional characters from nineteenth century adventure tales: Jeter's Morlock Night; Kim Newman's Anno Dracula; Mark Frost's The List of Seven, and The... Continue Reading →

Kaaron Warren’s Novel Comes With Free Novella

Apex Book of World SF contributor Kaaron Warren's last novel from Angry Robot Books, Walking the Tree, now comes with a free novella. Here's the official press release: While writing Walking the Tree, ace AR author Kaaron Warren naturally concentrated on her central character, Lillah. But as she explored that woman’s incredible journey around Botanica’s... Continue Reading →

Strange Horizons Reviews Anil Menon’s The Beast with Nine Billion Feet

L. Timmel Duchamp over at Strange Horizons reviews Anil Menon's The Beast with Nine Billion Feet. Here's an excerpt: The Beast with Nine Billion Feet tells a story in which the characters' personal lives and relationships become inextricably braided into an ideological conflict pitting two takes on the material consequences of biotechnology in bitter opposition...... Continue Reading →

February 2010 Issue of Expanded Horizons

Expanded Horizons has just released its February 2010 issue and features several World SF writers (both old and new voices) which include Anne Abad (Philippines), Lavie Tidhar (currently based in Southeast Asia), Silvia Moreno-Garcia (Mexican-native residing in Canada), and Mint Kang (Singapore). Here's the full table of contents: Urban Phantoms by Anne Abad Miss Lonelyhearts... Continue Reading →

Administrative Notice

I'm going to be in between continents again for the next month, so Charles is taking over regular posts. We'll be back in service tomorrow. As always, you can follow us on RSS, on Livejournal and on Twitter. Essays and editorials always welcome - just drop us a line. See you the other side of the planet!

Wednesday Editorial: The Sir Julius Vogel Award in New Zealand

Award Season in New Zealand By Ripley Patton For writers the world-over, what comes after the holiday season?  Award season, of course. Early in the calendar year, every year, nominations are accepted for the Nebula, the Hugo, and the Sir Julius Vogel.  Haven't heard of that last one?  I'm not surprised.  While international awards are... Continue Reading →

Monday Original Content: Dagon Magazine and an Interview with Roberto Mendes

Dagon is a new Portuguese magazine, edited by Roberto Mendes and dedicated to showcasing both Portuguese and international speculative fiction. The first issue contains stories from Luís Filipe Silva, João Barreiros and Carla Ribeiro, and articles by Pedro Ventura and Nuno Fonseca. It also publishes Nir Yaniv's story, "Cinderers" from The Apex Book of World SF,... Continue Reading →

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