Nikki Alfar Stories and Interview

Filipino writer and editor Nikki Alfar has two short stories up: “Bearing Fruit” over at Fantasy Magazine and “Adrift on the Street Formerly Known as Buendia” over at Bewildering Stories. Jennifer Konieczny also interviews Nikki Alfar at Fantasy Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

Fruit is often offered as a temptation in cautionary tales, but the consequences of indulging are frequently mitigated by external forces. In “Bearing Fruit,” the girl takes up the consequences primarily by herself. In your story “Glass,” Mariska also relies on herself. Does your writing tend towards strong women? If so, what do you find most enjoyable about writing them?

It’s been pointed out to me that a lot of my writing tends to be about choice: the courage it takes to make a choice—right or wrong—and to live with the consequences. And since, for obvious reasons, I tend to identify more easily with female characters than male ones, I guess it’s not surprising that I often write about courageous women. I don’t know about ’strong’, necessarily—I feel that term has come to imply a certain level of inhuman perfection, and I like my people to be flawed. They don’t always make smart choices—I mean, Mariska of ‘Glass’ is freed by the dragon holding her prisoner, but then she turns right around and goes back–but they do make their own choices, which is apparently my point.


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