A Journey Round My Skull interviews Franz Rottensteiner

Franz Rottensteiner, editor of anthologies like The Black Mirror & Other Stories: An Anthology of Science Fiction from Germany & Austria and View from Another Shore: European Science Fiction is interviewed at Journey Round My Skull. Here’s an excerpt:

There must be many European fantasy writers who have been translated into several European languages, but not into English. There are, after all, huge international bestsellers (not in fantasy) that either never were translated into English or, when they were, made absolutely no impression. This is especially true for genres like mysteries or thrillers in which there is an abundance of English language writers. Writers who are bestsellers in Germany or France naturally attract much interest in other European countries and are widely translated. And there is the case of Donna Leon, the American mystery writer living in Italy. I doubt that many American readers even know her name. But she is a huge success in Germany, with 17 novels set in Venice so far. And in the wake of the German success she has been translated in many European countries. Ephraim Kishon, a Hungarian-Israeli writer, is a giant bestseller in Germany, but although most of his books have been translated from English and not Hebrew, and he is appearing in English, he hardly has any presence in the U.S.


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