Science Fiction World Editor Criticized

Here’s what I’d label the biggest science fiction controversy you’ve never heard of. The editors of Science Fiction World unanimously wrote an open letter asking its editor-in-chief to be fired. You can read the entire story at China Daily. Here’s an excerpt:

Editors with the nation’s most popular science fiction magazine have issued an open letter asking for the editor-in-chief to be fired, accusing him of being corrupt and dictatorial.

The letter was published on the popular website on Sunday evening, entitled, “A public letter to the nation’s science fiction fans from the Science Fiction World. We’re ready for the storm!”

Liu Zhuang, a staffer from the magazine’s editorial office, confirmed with China Daily on Monday that the letter was sent jointly by all the editors.

He declined to disclose further details about the event, which is considered rare in China’s media circles.

The alleged wrongdoings of the editor-in-chief, Li Chang, who has held the position since the end of 2008, was listed in the letter.


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  1. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the Chinese language, and China Daily seems to be the only reliable source in English on the issue so far.

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