Imaginales 2010 Website is Up

The Imaginales 2010 (a French convention) website is now up. It’s in French though, so maybe our French readers can enlighten us about the lineup?

One thought on “Imaginales 2010 Website is Up

  1. Well, so far you have the convention dates (May 27th-30th), the guests list (which has Anglophones Joe Abercrombie, Jacqueline Carey, Kristin Cashore, Greg Keyes, and Robert Charles Wilson), and a lot of the French-language usual suspects (Ange, Pierre Bordage, Jean-Claude Dunyach, Elisabeth Vonarburg, among many names I recognise), and some Europeans (Spanish writer Juan Miguel Aguilera).
    The Imaginales is the annual French convention held in Epinay, in the East of France. They grant the Imaginales awards, but so far the website says who the jury is and that the shortlist is coming soon. There’s traditionally prizes for original French fiction and for translated fiction (Best French novel, Best translated novel, Best YA, Best Artist, Best Short Story, and Special Mention). They also grant other awards for fiction written by high-schoolers, for folklore (the Claude Seignolle Award), and for ecological SF (the Another Earth Award, which rewards “the work of SF best taking into account the current and future ecological context”).

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