A Journey Round My Skull interviews Franz Rottensteiner

Franz Rottensteiner, editor of anthologies like The Black Mirror & Other Stories: An Anthology of Science Fiction from Germany & Austria and View from Another Shore: European Science Fiction is interviewed at Journey Round My Skull. Here's an excerpt: There must be many European fantasy writers who have been translated into several European languages, but... Continue Reading →

Jeff VanderMeer Compiles An Overview of International Science Fiction/Fantasy in 2009

Over at Locus Online, Jeff VanderMeer has a feature entitled An Overview of International Science Fiction/Fantasy in 2009 and includes recommendations from Australia, Brazil, China, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, and South Africa.

Vote and Help Make A Science Fiction Magazine Showcasing Underrepresented Cultures

I don't normally make two posts in the same day but John Klima, editor of the Hugo award-winning magazine Electric Velocipede, just sent me this email: I'm trying to earn money in a Pepsi Refresh grant to start a magazine to showcase underrepresented cultures in science fiction. The link is here: http://www.refresheverything.com/otherworlds Basically, Pepsi awards... Continue Reading →

Galactic Suburbia Podcast

The Galactic Suburbia Podcast just debuted last Sunday, a speculative fiction podcast with all three female hosts based in Australia. Check out their first episode, where they talk about Jewish Fantasy, Joana Russ, and the Australian SpecFic Snapshot.

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