Some Philippine Speculative Fiction Links

There’s a part of me that feels guilty promoting Philippine speculative fiction on this blog (it feels self-serving) but for those who are interested, there’s been a couple of new fiction and an interview as of late.

First off, Fantasy Magazine has an interview with Rochita Loenen-Ruiz. Here’s an excerpt:

“Hi Bugan ya Hi Kinggawan” was my attempt to carry on a conversation with a woman whose name is often used in Ifugao mythology. I thought that I could write this story with ease because I grew up with the culture and the customs of the Ifugao. Later on, I found myself checking and double-checking. The thing is, I am writing about a culture that exists and I don’t want to contribute to any misconceptions.  Ifugao continues to be a sacred place that I want to pay tribute to. Each time I write about it, I feel like I am saying thank you for all the glorious days that I spent in those mountains. Salamat (thank you).

Then there’s a couple of stories here and there:

And my friend Joseph Nacino co-edited an online anthology, Demons of the New Year.

One thought on “Some Philippine Speculative Fiction Links

  1. Hi there

    Thanks for linking to my story, Alien Hand.

    I really appreciate it. I’m happy to see all these links and wouldn’t have found them without your help so thank you. I’m always interested in reading Filipino writers.

    All best,

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