Western SF in Japanese Magazines

I was browsing the 26to50 blog (a blog created by professional Japanese translators) when they mentioned Hayakawa’s SF Magazine. According to SF Magazine’s wikipedia entry, it was Japan’s first successful prozine. Here’s Hayakawa’s website, and according to my meager knowledge of Japanese, they (the publisher Hayakawa) specialize in mystery, science fiction, and nonfiction.

Anyway, I was going through their April 2010 and May 2010 issues and looking at the table of contents, it seems that they tend to publish a lot of translated fiction. The April issue for example includes “Missile Gap” by Charles Stross and “Looking for Jake” by China Mieville (the other two stories in the issue are by Japanese authors). Of the 6 stories in the May issue, 4 are by authors outside of Japan (one of the authors I can identify is Benjamin Adams and again, China Mieville). The May issue, by the way, seems to be a Lovecraft special issue.

There’s a lot to be observed here–at least in the case of SF Magazine. Japan is translating more Western fiction, as opposed to Western publications translating Japanese fiction (at least as far as genre is concerned). (Although I’d also like to point to Haikasoru which is translating and publishing Japanese-translated fiction.)


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