Editorial: Changes at the World SF News Blog

Changes at the World SF News Blog

Lavie Tidhar

As you may have noticed, we’ve recently changed the theme for the blog – this is only a part of the planned expansion of the blog. What the new format allows us to do, amongst other things, is offer free advertising for international SF-related books and projects. We’ll be adding some more of these – and rotating them from time to time – but if you want to take advantage of it simply e-mail us at worldsfblog@gmail.com. Ads can be static images or animated GIFs, at a width of 164 pixels and a height no more than 200 pixels. Space is limited, but we’ll gladly offer the space for any relevant projects.

This, of course, is not the main change. International SF is at a good place right now, with more exposure than ever (most recently the special SF issue of World Literature Today), and we’ve been overwhelmed with the interest in, and support for, The Apex Book of World SF, which launched this blog in the first place.

Looking at our stats, hits truly do come from all over the world – Guy Hasson’s potentially-controversial recent article for us, American Authors vs. Foreign Authors, for instance, has drawn attention from, variously, Hungary, Poland and Greece, alongside the US, while our coverage of the controversy surrounding China’s Science Fiction World editor (covered here by Charles Tan) has naturally attracted readers from across the globe.

While the blog was conceived as a source of news for the international SF community, one of its main purposes of course to draw attention to fiction from around the world. As such, it is merely a natural progression for us to start offering fiction.

I’m very excited, therefore, to announce that, starting tomorrow, we begin featuring fiction on the World SF News Blog. our first offering is an original 15-part serial from Singapore:  The Basics of Flight, by Joyce Chng. We will run one chapter a week, every Tuesday, for the next four months. We hope you enjoy it!

We already have a few more stories planned, so stay tuned!

A word on submissions: we’re still avidly looking for contributors for our regular (or semi-regular, at the moment), essays and editorials. This Wednesday we’ll have a new article by Anil Menon, but we are always looking for new material. Please drop us a line at worldsfblog@gmail.com if you feel you can contribute.

Regarding fiction: we are interested mainly in reprints (being a non-profit blog, we can’t offer payment for fiction or articles), and are particularly interested in serials. If you would like to contribute, again, e-mail us.

We hope you enjoy the new, improved blog!

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