Special Offer: Free e-book copy of The Tel Aviv Dossier for bloggers

Apologies in advance for the personal message, but in trying to get the world out about The Tel Aviv Dossier, Chizine Publications are offering free e-book copies to bloggers in exchange (or so we hope) for a review. Any interested bloggers please drop me a line. About The Tel Aviv Dossier: Authors: Lavie Tidhar and... Continue Reading →


New issue of Expanded Horizons

Our friends at Expanded Horizons have just released their latest, May Issue, with a truly international line-up: Eighteen (May 2010) The Cold Ghost of Niue by Angela Ambroz Shadow by Tade Thompson Hunger by Lisa Poh Betamax for Starters by Katya Oliva-Llego Also check out their April issue, with stories by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Eliza... Continue Reading →

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