Samuel R. Delany on Racism and Science Fiction

The New York Review of Science Fiction (NYRSF) have posted the entire text of Samuel R. Delany's 1998 article, On Racism and Science Fiction. An excerpt: Since people ask me regularly what examples of prejudice have I experienced in the science fiction field, I thought this might be the time to answer, then—with a tale.... Continue Reading →

John Clute reviews Michal Ajvaz

Over at Strange Horizons, John Clute takes a look at the works of Czech novelist Michal Ajvaz: The first thing that comes to mind on reading Michal Ajvaz's seemingly dryasdust novels is water, water as a verb: water in motion, stealth watersheds urging readers into silent-running apprehension of hero flows of story beneath the desert... Continue Reading →

Short Story Highlight (Audio): “Bed of Scorpions” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Mexican writer Silvia Moreno-Garcia's story, "Bed of Scorpions", originally featured in the anthology Tesseracts 13, is now available in audio at Pseudopod, read by Christiana Ellis: “It scares me,” she said finally. “What?” “That he’s dying.” “Who cares?” She turned to look at him. “He’s filthy rich, you know,” Ramon said as he smoked a... Continue Reading →

Strange Horizons reviews Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky

Over at Strange Horizons, Michael Froggatt reviews Dmitry Glukhovsky's Metro 2033, published in English by Gollancz in the United Kingdom: Moscow, 2033: it is a generation since a cataclysmic nuclear and biological war wiped out the overwhelming majority of the planet's population. A few thousand survivors huddle in the sprawling network of stations and tunnels... Continue Reading →

Online Supplement of World Literature Today Available

The full contents of the World Literature Today special SF issue supplement have now been posted online: Call for papers: 2011 Eaton SF Conference J. Madison Davis' essay, Two Ways of Describing the Elephant: Science Fiction and the Mystery Paul Di Filippo's reviews, The Best Speculative Fiction of 2009 James Gunn's essay, Science Fiction around the World James... Continue Reading →

Original Content: World-Building in a Hot Climate, by Anil Menon

World Building in A Hot Climate Anil Menon I came across Paramjit Kumar’s Scourge From the Sky (1964) many years ago, on my way home from school, in one of Mumbai’s then-myriad footpath bookstores. The slim cloth-bound octavo volume, modestly self-labeled the  “Greatest Science Fiction of the Century,” was about an interstellar adventure complete with... Continue Reading →

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